Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bring down the house

"Feel that rumbling sound
I might have grown up in a barn
But I can bring down the house"
- "Bring down the house" by Dean Brody

Before I left for my last cruise in the Atlantic, I already had it on my calendar to deliver a seminar about the cruise after I got back. Maya Watts, OIMB's summer term coordinator, knew that no matter what happened, we would have interesting stories from the ship and got us on the books before the cruise even happened. 

And it's a good thing she did! Obviously, there were a lot of interesting things happening on board Atlantis, and it was fun to present these tales to the rest of the OIMBers. A group of five of us made the presentation, because two were unavailable. We divided and conquered, each person covering a specific topic that pertained to their research, then finished the seminar with a section about life at sea and diving in Alvin. 

The best part for me was actually the question-and-answer session after the seminar, because we got both highly specific scientific questions and general life-at-sea questions. Some questions we referred to Craig, who was in the audience, but there was a good 20-minute discussion going on.

When I saw Craig later, he said we "brought down the house." Yes! 
One of the perks of presenting a seminar at OIMB
 is going to dinner with Maya afterward.

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