Sunday, September 6, 2015


Question: What are a group of biology students to do with a Sunday off?
Answer: Go on a hike! 

We went up the mountain right behind Nybyen, called Sarcofagen. To get there, we had to climb on the Longyearbreen glacier and zig-zag our way up the mountainside. Sarcofagen also has a long ridge down the middle, so we walked out to the tip for a spectacular view of Longyearbyen below. We came down the valley on the other side of the mountain, skirting another glacier, and ended back in Nybyen. It was a great hike!

The ridge on Sarcofagen. Longyearbreen is on the right,
and another glacier is off the picture on the left.
This mailbox, at the tip of Sarcofagen, had a
guest book inside. The idea is to sign your name
once you've reached the point.
This is as far was could safely walk on the ridge. 
View to Longyearbyen below.

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