Monday, November 23, 2015

The encroaching darkness

Friends, the video above contains my latest musical composition, entitled "The encroaching darkness." It's meant to represent the shortening days during my last weeks in Svalbard in October, and it serves as the fifth movement in my "Arctic" violin concerto. To be honest, it's not really fair to call it a whole movement, because it's only a minute and a half long and is missing the solo violin part. I really meant it just as an interlude, a moment of pause for the soloist between the other athletic movements of the concerto.

If the video above doesn't play for you, try this link.

If you're interested in the other movements of the concerto, find them here:

I. Longyearbyen            Blog link           YouTube link
II. Molloy                      Blog link           YouTube link
III. Midnight Sun          Blog link           YouTube link
IV. Kongsfjorden          Blog link           YouTube link

I'm still working on the last movement in the concerto, "Full Circle," so look for it soon!

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