Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring transition

Well, friends, it's the end of another week. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything, but here are a few things that happened since I last wrote.

1) The spring transition happened! Winter rains gave way to summer's north wind, so upwelling season is underway.

2) Spring classes started at OIMB, and now the campus is overrun with undergraduates that I don't recognize.

3) I volunteered to go out in the field with another grad student, and we ended up lowering ourselves down a steep sandstone face with a makeshift rope. I was feeling pretty hardcore until my fellow student informed me we were at one of her "easy" sites. Dang, girl.

4) I've been working on writing up my Svalbard settlement plate project from last fall and getting nostalgic. I miss the awesome community at 79 N. 

5) I found a book in the OIMB library that was supposedly out of print and impossible to find. It tells you everything you could ever want to know about Arctic bryozoans. Score.

6) OIMB hosted a seminar speaker who works on Caribbean coral reefs. The grad students got to have lunch with her and listen to her awesome stories.

7) My sister sent me flowers. They were far too beautiful for the lab.

It's been a full but productive week, as always. Slowly but surely, my science moves forward.

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