Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Well, friends, I have finished my Ph.D. I submitted my final-final-final dissertation to the Graduate School earlier this week, so my obligations to OIMB and to the university are completely finished. Done, over - and that means I'm in limbo.

Limbo is not a bad place to be. On a scale of "Ducking under a broomstick at a party" to "The River Styx," I'd say it's about a 2. Maybe even a 1. I've had plenty of details and logistics to keep me occupied, but it's been low-stress. Here are a few things that have happened while I've been in limbo:

My decorated desk
1) My fellow graduate students decorated my desk. It was epic.

2) I visited friends in Albany. We went swimming at the local pool, then grilled out and watched the Olympics.

3) I attended a goodbye party for two friends in Hebo. They live in a log cabin in the middle of the woods with running water straight out of the local stream. No kidding.

4) On the way home, I climbed a sand dune in Pacific City.

5) A friend donated her collection of packing materials to me, so now my living room is drowning in boxes.

All's well on the West Coast!

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