Monday, January 29, 2018

Castle Rock

Days off aren't common in the field, but we got one this weekend. I used it to hike a loop trail near McMurdo Station. The trail goes past a steep formation called Castle Rock, then swings out with overlooks to the Ross Ice Shelf. I'll let my photos speak for themselves - it was a beautiful hike!

The Castle Rock Loop trail is marked by flags on the snow

There are emergency shelters called "apples" along the trail.

Castle Rock

With my fellow trainee, Tess, on the trail. We were in a large group, but
most people turned back to the station after seeing Castle Rock. We were
the only two who did the whole loop. 

View out to the Ross Ice Shelf
Mt. Erebus was shrouded in clouds and only partly visible from the trail
A gorgeous ice formation on the Ross Ice Shelf

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