Friday, October 7, 2016

Good to be alive

"We hold on to each other
All we have is all we need
'Cuz one way or another
We always make it, you and me"
- "Good to be alive" by Skillet

Wes and I before the concert.
Detroit, Michigan

There's no way I could leave the Midwest without spending some time with my brother. For my final stop on the Friends and Family Tour, I hopped south to Detroit to see him.

If I had to name one person who's had the most impact on my personality and my tastes in the last few years, it would be my brother, Wes. He's the reason I listen to metal. He's the reason I chose snowboarding over skiing and stuck with it when I sucked. He taught me everything I know about football, lacrosse, and body-building. He's the reason I'm not afraid of guns. Seriously, without my brother in my life, I would be a prissy little twinkle-toes.

One of the many things Wes and I have in common is an affinity for the Christian rock band Skillet. Yes, they're named after a frying pan. Skillet is touring at the moment, so when Wes and I found out they would be in the Midwest during my move, we knew we had to go see a concert together.

Skillet gives incredible live shows. Unfortunately, our master plan to bring an actual skillet into the concert hall didn't pan out (pun intended!), but we danced and fist-pumped and head-banged the night away. It was a great time, and we both had to massage our feet as soon as we got home.

Ah, so good to be alive.

Skillet in concert. Photo by Wes Meyer.

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