Sunday, September 25, 2016

The roadtrip: Part 6


After almost a week on the road, Mom and I made it to my parents' home in Ohio. We chose a route that took us through 5 states, across 3 rivers, and through very hilly terrain. We started out by crossing the Mississippi River from Missouri into Illinois, then across the state line into southern Indiana. A bridge across the Ohio River took us from Indiana into Kentucky, then across a state line into West Virginia. Finally, we crossed the Ohio River one more time to enter Ohio.

I had been through Kentucky before but never spent much time there. I loved seeing the rolling hills, the horse farms, and something I hadn't seen since we left the Oregon coast: trees! I mean, of course there were sparse trees in each state in the West, but never dense forests lining the highway. It was always short, dry grasses or farm fields. Kentucky is the first time since Oregon that we've seen a solid cover of trees.

Now that we're in Ohio, Mom and I will be staying put for a few days. I'm so glad to be out of the car! I have a couple adventures planned while in the Midwest, and then I'll make the final push to Massachusetts. I'll keep you posted as the journey continues!
The Mississippi River, between Missouri and Illinois

The Ohio River, between Indiana and Kentucky



The Kanawha River in West Virgina

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