Monday, June 22, 2015

A family visit

Several months ago, my mom approached me about scheduling a visit in June. She wanted to show my grandpa, her dad, the state of Oregon. He had never been to Oregon before, and it made most sense for him to see it before I graduated. We seized the moment, scheduled flights, and now they're here! Grandpa brought his dear friend and companion, Fran, so the four of us met in Portland last Friday and are seeing all the Oregon highlights together. Check it out!

Mt. Hood, as seen from the OHSU campus, in downtown Portland
Mt. St. Helens, as seen from the campus of OHSU, in downtown Portland
Grandpa and Fran in downtown Portland. Photo by Angela Meyer.
Oregon's state capitol building in Salem
Mom, Grandpa, and I at Oregon's state capitol. Photo by Frances Brock.
A sidewalk tile outside Oregon's state capitol building 
Elk, seen feeding along Highway 38, outside Reedsport, Oregon
Grandpa, Fran, and I with the elk. Photo by Angela Meyer.
An elk scratching himself with his antlers outside Reedsport, Oregon.

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