Saturday, October 14, 2017

Guess where

Friends, after just a month of lab work and writing in the U.S., I am going abroad again! I'm very excited for this trip, but I'm not going to tell you where I'm going; I'm going to make you guess.

Clue #1: For this week-long trip, I am bringing the same number of suitcases as I had when moving to Europe (both times). All my clothes, toiletries, and "normal" items fit in my carry-on; everything else is equipment.

Clue #2: I have never been to this location before, but my boyfriend has been twice. (Pertinent to clue #1, the last time he was here, he and two friends had 19 bags between them, only two of which contained clothes.)

Clue #3: I studied extensively to prepare for this trip.

With my boyfriend on the plane
Clue #4: The country I'm going to has Dutch as its official language, but English and a unique Portuguese-based Creole are more commonly spoken.

Clue #5: This place is  a desert but has lots of water.

Clue #6: It is famous for its sea salt and tall cacti.

Clue #7: The national bird of this country is the flamingo.

Clue #8: It is known as the "shore diving capitol of the world."

Have I thoroughly confused you? Friends, I am headed to Bonaire! It's a small desert island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela. In case you're wondering, my boyfriend's travel companions on his last trip were underwater videographers, hence the ridiculous amount of equipment. He and I won't be making any videos this trip, but I do hope to post some pictures of the coral reefs for you. We'll be diving all week on the reefs that surround the island.

My first view of Bonaire out the plane window
While this trip is a vacation and I usually don't tell you about my vacations (well, for starters, I don't take many), I've decided to share this trip with you. Diving the reefs will improve my skills for science, and besides, I can't resist the chance to showcase coral reef invertebrates!

My boyfriend actually bought me two identification books for reef corals and other invertebrates, which I've been poring over for the past few weeks. Coral reefs have astounding biodiversity, and I look forward to identifying as many of the organisms I see as possible! Stay tuned for stories and photos from the Caribbean!

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