Monday, March 5, 2018


Friends, I have been radio silent for a while. A whole month - my longest gap since starting this blog. It feels strange in one way because I'm so used to posting, but it feels surprising in another way because the last month has gone by in a flash. I could swear I just got home from Antarctica last week. No way it's been a whole month since I last posted.

February always seems short (having only 28 days and all), but this one was particularly blitz-like. My first week home from Antarctica, I went straight back to work with proposals, papers, and orchestra practice - I didn't even have a chance to recover from jet lag until the next weekend. Then it was more proposals, a visit with family, and finding time to spend with friends before they left town or moved away. I've finally gotten past my February deadlines, but I find myself staring spring in the face. I have more deadlines coming up and need to start planning summer field work already. The wheel of chaos is turning at full speed!

Besides my metaphorical whirlwind of a month, Cape Cod was struck with a literal storm over the past few days. A Nor'easter brought gale-force winds, rain from all directions, and a dusting of snow. Carl and I were fortunate enough to only lose power for a few minutes, but some of our friends were out the whole weekend. Whole trees lay across the road, blocking traffic on a main thoroughfare just a half mile from our house. Our phones kept chiming with updates from the institution. Thankfully, everything is back up and running today, but the wind is still blowing in gusts.

I'm heading into March with an optimistic attitude. The storm may not be 100% over, but I am pushing through. It should be a good spring.

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