Polar night research in photos

This is the lightest it gets each day - around noon, you can just see the outline of the mountains.
Photo by Kharis Schrage.
Aurora borealis! This photo is pretty close to how it looked in life. Photo by Kharis Schrage.

View back to the marine lab from across the harbor, where we collect our larvae. The tiny light at the very top of the picture is the Zeppelin Observatory, a small atmospheric sampling station at the top of the mountain. Photo by Kharis Schrage.

Cool animals we found on kelp: Lichenopora sp. (a bryozoan, top left), and Circeis sp. (tube worms). Photo by Kharis Schrage. 

The clam Hiatella arctica on a kelp holdfast. Photo by Kharis Schrage. 

Look at this cute nudibranch we found on the kelp! Photo by Kharis Schrage.

This beautiful pink embryo was in one of our samples. Photographed at 100x magnification by Kharis Schrage.

This is possibly my favorite specimen, both because it's cute and because it's orange. I got similar ones in 2020. This is a juvenile sea star. Photographed at 40x magnification by Kharis Schrage.