Thursday, November 17, 2016

The manifesto

Friends, it has been a long day.

When I came into my office this morning, I thought I would have a slow start. As it turns out, several important things happened while I was away from my e-mail, and all of them showed up in my inbox this morning. 

For one, my inbox held three different requests from other scientists for a copy of a paper I had written. It's not unusual for scientists to ask each other for papers, even if they've never met before (as was the case with all three of my requesters), but the paper they were requesting was (I thought) not even published yet! It had been accepted months ago but was still in production - or so I thought.

Well, turns out the paper had just appeared online. Find it here:

I'm very proud of this particular paper, because it served as the introduction to my dissertation, and in a way, it has become my manifesto. When people ask what I specialize in, I find myself almost reciting the title. It serves as my statement to the world and a course I've charted for the rest of my career. 

Peruse the manuscript if you will, and feel free to contact me with your feedback or ideas. I'm awfully proud of this one. 

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