Monday, February 20, 2017

Mental flossing

I sat down on the chairlift and sank into the padded seat. To my left, Wes commandeered more than his share of space and stretched one Hulk-sized foot over my leg. Whatever. To my right, Dad let out a sigh. "We are...tired," he exhaled.

The sun shone down on me as the cold air stung my face. From my place in the middle of the chairlift, I could feel all the tension flow out of my body until I was fully, completely relaxed. There's just something about being outdoors that cleans my psychi. My dad calls it "mental flossing." I've spent a long weekend snowboarding with my family in Maine, and after three days of cold and sun and snow beneath my feet, I am sufficiently exhausted. 

I think there's a relationship between physical and mental exhaustion - the two cannot easily co-exist. Getting outdoors gives me a mental break. It renews my mind and lets me go back with a fresh perspective next week. I'm glad for time with family, for the chance to breathe cold air and do some mental flossing. 

The view from White Cap Peak, Maine

Out on the mountain with my dad and brother

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