Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ob Hill

There's a large hill right next to McMurdo Station called Observation Hill (though most people just say "Ob Hill"). I had the chance to hike it today during a break from the lab. The climb is actually pretty steep, but the views on top are worth it! Check out my photos below.

McMurdo Station, seen from Ob Hill
The icebreaker Polar Star arrived in McMurdo Sound yesterday
and is working to break a channel in the ice so supply ships can
get through and re-stock the station.
Mt. Erebus

Those green buildings below are Scott Base, New Zealand's
Antarctic research station, located just 3 km from McMurdo
This cross atop Ob Hill honors Robert Falcon Scott and his team,
all of whom perished after being the second team ever to reach the
South Pole (the first was lead by Roald Amundsen)

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